Your search is over, We hope!

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Your search is over, We hope!


If you have been looking for a rail storage system, we probably know what you have been seeing, both in stores and on-line. Several years ago we were looking for the same thing and, quite simply, were not happy with what we found.

Some systems so costly, it was more to store garden tools than it is to buy them…

Some systems so complicated, a PhD in engineering to understand it…

Some so poorly designed or built that it seemed more at home in a toy store…

Others so flimsy that, honestly, anything more than a push broom was a challenge to put in place.

If this has been the case for you, then you might want to upgrade from what you may have already, but at least stay away from purchasing stuff that is not up to task.

Avoid all of these problems (and more) with the Holey Rail. You see, we knew there had to be a better way to organize our garages. The Holey Rail is a homegrown product, made in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Conceived, patented, built, and distributed by American families. We manufacture and distribute it here, so we are proud to be responsible for the quality and the customer service of every order.

Humble as we are, we can’t be when it comes to our customers’ needs. And we show the pride that we have in fulfilling those needs. IN A POINT BY POINT COMPARISON, WE ARE SUPERIOR TO OUR COMPETITORS! Our storage system simply wins over our customer’s approval based on cost, design, strength and versatility.

If you have just begun your search, eliminate virtually any products made from plastic, the just aren’t durable enough. If not a complete waste of money, a system that fails and crashes down on a vehicle is not worth the risk. Other systems, perhaps made from steel, may require proprietary brackets (think cheap printers and expensive ink cartridges) that would make a wealthy man cringe, or at the very minimum (if they do not become discontinued altogether) require that you buy direct from the factory. Even the big box stores discontinue entire brands, many of which, those brand names go with the winds and disappear altogether.

In comparison, the Holey Rail sells at a comparative cost of other rails, yet possesses the flexibility to mount a variety of brackets of modest cost, while not sacrificing quality or strength.

One of the most distinctive features of the Holey Rail is its versatility. It allows the consumer to configure the rail, the peg hooks, and other Holey Rail brackets in the most fluid manner of any rail system on the market. In turn, you determine where and how you store your items. And many of our competitors’ designs are comparatively fixed; they simply are lacking adjustability and flexibility.

Whether you’re an experienced craftsman or if you don’t know that there is more than one type of screwdriver, our product is right for you. The Holey Rail is simple to install, simple to use, and stronger than you’ll ever need for your garage organization.

And now, for some of the Holey Rail’s nitty gritty bells and whistles. The rail’s extruded holes; they ensure the peg hook will never fail. They also allow for self-tapping screws for joining and assembly. You can bolt other types of brackets onto the rail! Additionally, the patent pending Peg Strappers keep hooks safely and securely in place. Our competitors lack these pivotal innovations. That, frankly in our opinion, relegate them to… not even a good option.

WHICH!!! Is why YOU are Here!

In addition, we have so much confidence in the Holey Rail that we provide detailed information on our website comparing our competitors’ products to our own. We share this so that you’re able to make an educated purchase decision for yourself.  You can view this information here.

The Holey Rail is so named because when considering strength, versatility, cost, availability, and ease of use, there’s no higher power in the garage organization business.  Plus, Yes, There are a lot of holes.

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