The Holey Rail The Holey Rail The Holey Rail The Holey Rail

 A Complete Metal Pegboard System!

Properly mounted, the Holey Rail’s™ sturdy metal construction can withstand surprisingly heavy loads. Lift clutter off the floor to get back the space you need for work hobbies and families. To unlock the Holey Rail’s™ maximum potential, use our peg hooks and self tapping screws. Keep the Peg in the Hole with the patent pending Pegstrappers which securely locks all peghooks from lifting out unintentionally.
Each of our products is built for quality, but together they’ll help you organize space for work and play. So why not get that shovel, storage box or spare extension cord off the floor now and get your garage back today!!
  • Order the Holey Rail™ steel pegboard system online for delivery anywhere in the lower 48 states.
  • Look for the Holey Rail™ at hardware stores by using our Store Locator.

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