Can you please elaborate on what the Pegstrappers actually do? 

  • Pegstrappers keep the peg in the hole. Some peg hooks you will want to lock down, others want to be moved around occasionally. 

Are there instructions included on how to correctly mount the Holey Rail metal Pegboard systems to a normal garage wall? I noticed your website states to mount with supplied deck screws using just a cordless drill....is it recommended that each 4 foot section be screwed into 2 separate studs? Or 3 separate studs?

  • Yes, instructions are included for this tool hanger. But to elaborate, if studs are on 16" centers, you are good to go. If 24" centers, additional support can be added by using a 1x6 on an unfinished wall. Concrete offers a unique challenge whether solid or block construction. We recommend you visit a local hardware store and select a flat head fastener that will mount flush and be installed with a masonry bit that you may already own.

Is there a size peghook that is recommended for the holey rail metal pegboard system? Or is it recommended to use the 5/16-18 thread self tapping screws to mount my own brackets?

  • Using a peg hook will suffice, they are quite strong, either the 1/8" or 1/4" depending on what you have and need. Just select one that is large enough and shaped to hold the implement. If you own a bracket and want to mount it to hold a particular tool, it only needs to have a hole 5/16" in diameter to allow the 5/16" bolt to mount it. The self tapping screw can be reused, so any 5/16" bolt may be used once the hole has been threaded with the self tapping screw.

What is your return policy for this tool hanger?

  • You pay just the shipping to and from, the product should never fail for it's intended use so we stand behind that 100%.

What are the shipping charges to my zip code for one Holey Rail Steel Pegboard system?

  • Shipping is calculated before payment, cost will be calculated once the shopping cart has been filled and your shipping information entered.

Your website does not show any retailer stores in my city. Is that listing on your website updated regularly? 

  • The store locator is updated as soon as a retailer has taken its first shipment, you should contact the store to ensure they have inventory on the shelf.

Are there any testimonials from your existing customers for their tool hanger?

  • Ebay, Amazon, and of course our website are all unbiased, unsolicited, and unedited reviews.

Are there any additional brackets taht we can buy from you that might hold a... (Fill in the blank)

  • We have over 40 additional brackets being developed to mount to Holey Rail. Each one will offer a cost effective way to help address the many organizing challenges. If it's not on our website, it may be on our "to do list".