About Us

About Holey Rail/Webedone Organizing :
Webedone Organizings' flagship product is the Holey Rail™: a patent pending steel pegboard system that we support with peg hooks, pegstrappers and more. Distributed to a growing number of hardware retail outlets and direct sales, the Holey Rail™ is the result of years of careful craftsmanship and our direct experience with metal pegboard systems. We sincerely believe that we have built one of the best storage solutions for your garage, garden shed or household.

Quality is our focus, whether it’s with the Holey Rail™ or any of our other products.

Webedone Organizing, LLC Mission Statement:
Webedone Organizing LLC is dedicated to product excellence, the highest quality service and customer satisfaction. We manufacture and distribute our products nationally, for the garage, home, and workplace environments, with a focus on the highest possible quality in all areas.

It is our mission to provide the best pricing, value, quality and service on products that are made in the USA. Webedone organizing is committed to supporting American craftsmanship. Buying from us is buying American, supporting hard working people like you.

Putting the Mission into Action
We design, manufacture, and sell high quality products like the Holey Rail™ metal pegboard system at fair prices by reducing our overhead and implementing continual process improvement. All of our suppliers provide us with products that meet our mission statement. We offer the best quality products at the lowest possible prices by following our action plan:

Best Pricing and Value: Reducing Overhead Costs

  • We purchase in volume from quality suppliers to keep the expenses we have to pass on to an absolute minimum.
  • We use in-house fabrication and packaging whenever possible, relying on the expertise of our own team to not only ensure the best quality, but keep costs low.
  • We manufacture to sell – not store. By linking inventory closely to demand, we’re able to keep inventory expenses to a minimum.
Value and Quality, Made in the USA: Quality Control at the Manufacturing Source

  • We are the final manufacturer. Nothing leaves the shop until it meets our stringent Quality Control specifications. Nothing goes into distribution without passing Quality Control
  • Precise quality control specifications not only make our products fulfill high standards, but ensure compatibility with future product implementations. Our products will always work together as advertized.
  • Our craftsmen aren’t in another state or country. They’re right by our side, and get immediate feedback from the rest of the team.
Top Customer Service

    • Contact our sales department 7 Days a Week
    • Use the most convenient method to contact us! You can reach us by phone (970-224-0505), email ([email protected]), US Mail or HoleyRail.com’s Contact Form
  • Interested in distributing the Holey Rail™, peg strapper or any other product? Use our Distributor Contact From.
For Our Suppliers
Webedone Organizing LLC is your value-added distributor. We do more than just sell products. We value your partnership, so we proudly support and market your products.